Pulse College provides some of the industry’s leading training courses in audio, music, film, gaming and animation. I recently completed a Sound Engineering Diploma at Pulse, and got to know the Directors — Tony, Aidan and Naomi — who are some of the nicest and most talented people I’ve met 🙂

I worked with them over the course of several months to design a new identity which was applied to a new website (which I also designed for them), their promotional videos, email newsletters, prospectus, and the signage used inside their studios.

David was great to work with. He produced our new branding – which we love – and designed a new website for us, re-writing and re-structuring the content from our old site as well as re-designing the look and feel. Our new logo and identity now reflects our professionalism and our range of world-leading training courses. Our branding is applied across our email newsletters, on our promotional videos, on the Macs in our computer lab and around our studio buildings – everywhere we can put it to promote our image to both current and prospective students.Aidan Alcock, Director, Pulse College


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