Hello! 👋🏻

I’m David Stroud, a creative consultant with experience developing businesses in technology journalism (having co-launched and edited a UK computer magazine in the late 90’s); design (having run a graphic design business for 15 years); and coworking and community-building (having co-launched a physical coworking space, and gone on to co-create a global network, white-label system and guidebook to help other community leaders build their own coworking communities).


I work with other passionate creatives to help them develop their businesses in terms of branding, messaging, and connecting with their ideal customers simply, professionally and engagingly.


Global Network Growth

In 2015 I co-created and launched the Coworking Accelerator Network, working on the model and business development strategy; designing the brand and messaging; developing the public and membership websites; and producing a comprehensive 300-page handbook for coworking community building.

After launching in the UK in June 2017, the Coworking Accelerator grew to over 100 members (independent coworking businesses) in more than 25 countries, and secured substantial funding to ensure its continued growth.

Coworking Space Development

Before I moved to Scotland, I was living on the south coast of the UK, where I found myself looking for a professional coworking space. There wasn’t one. So I created Nest Space…

We turned a dark, uninviting floor of an old office building into a welcoming and inspiring creative space, and attracted a network of passionate and talented local creatives who worked and socialised together.

We had great fun, running monthly events like “Drink & Draw”… and even enjoyed a “special guest appearance” from Paul Kidby (Illustrator for Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series).

Graphic Design & Branding

Before I set up Nest Space, I ran my own independent design business and produced work for clients including brand development, web design, print design, and copywriting and editing.

I have always strived for creative, simple and informative solutions to grow a business, believing that the best designs, in any media, communicate a clear message when they aren’t over-engineered. Or, as a much more eloquent and successful designer once put it:

“Good design is as little design as possible”

– Dieter Rams